NEW Location:

Prospect New Town

Prospect Park

    711 Tenacity Dr

    Longmont, CO 80503


Saturday, May 14th:

   VIP Entry: 12PM - 5PM 

   General Entry: 1PM - 5PM

After Hours Party:
Bootstrap Brewing Co.:

5PM - 9PM



With more than 400 craft breweries in Colorado, it is sometimes a little difficult to figure out where the new folks are and what they are up to. 

At New Brew Fest - Boulder County, we bring 25+ local craft breweries and cideries TO YOU.  Sample their creations all in one place, and take home a nifty map to help you find them through the summer and make them part of your Colorado Beer Trail experience. 

Get to know the brewers, learn more about  what they are about, how and why they jumped into craft brewing, and what they are offering.  Our hope is that you put them on your 'must see' list this summer, and go check them out.

We introduced this little festival to Boulder County in 2014, and we sold out - quick.  We expect this year will be no different.  Come join us in Prospect New Town for a great time!